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Directions for Zoom




Please feel free to try and download by yourself.  For those that want a brief guide here you go: 


  1. Click on the link that has been emailed to you.  This link is for Zoom.  
  2. Screen will ask you to put in a work email, type in and click where it says sign up its free.
  3. Next screen will say, Welcome! Please confirm your email below to get started
  4. Click on confirm
  5. Next screen will say We’ve sent an email to _____. Click the confirmation link in that email to begin using Zoom.
  6. Go to your email that you listed and email says please activate your Zoom account.  Click on the box.
  7. Next you will see that Zoom has been installed.  
  8. You will need to fill out information -first name, last name, password then confirm password then press continue.
  9. Next screen allows you to invite colleagues.  You can enter anyone you want or press skip this step.


It’s as easy as that now you have Zoom downloaded!


Let’s move on now each time you want to use Zoom you will need to have a meeting ID #.  


Try clicking on the site and research the rest on your own.  Honestly that’s how I just learned.  You have three options:

*  schedule a meeting- you schedule the meeting to take place this is where the meeting id is               established

*  join a meeting -click on this if you want to join a meeting in progress but you will need meeting id #

*  host a meeting -You can choose to start a meeting with anyone immediately by selecting join a meeting  


Once you enter meeting ID # meeting will start.  

On the bottom there are key features:

 On the left corner you will see a microphone icon that you can mute/unmute

On the left corner there is also a video camera icon. If you click on it will stop video of you.

In the middle there is a bubble that says chat.  You can type what you want to say.

On the right corner is end meeting.  Click on that to end a meeting.  


If you do not have access to a computer and feel this is all too overwhelming you can join us on Zoom via your phone.  Understand there will be no video of you but you will be connected and at this most important time I feel we need to be connected and in contact with each other.  If you are interested in participating only by phone email me at cheetahmom1@yahoo.com and I will compile a list to make sure you have the meeting ID number each time.   The number to access Zoom by phone is by dialing 1-646-568-7788.

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